Liked: A stay with a difference. Got to give credit to the owners for doing everything possible to make guests welcome and comfortable. This includes have an urn constantly on the boil, toaster and fridge facilities available in a barn for those wishing to use them. .

There’s a genuine environmental commitment which is also welcome.

Whilst the location is not easy to find once found it’s a good place for visits to Clovelly, Harland Point etc. …just don’t exit the site up the left hand lane if you have wide camper van and don’t want it scratched on brambles that had not been cut back in August. …go right.

Disliked: The environmental considerations may not be to everyone’s liking…well described on the website. The loos did not bother me but would not be my first choice, Otherwise no issue with anything….plenty of hot water as well.

Clive L